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About South Pacific Kava



South Pacific Kava is distributed by the largest Kava Wholesaler in the United States, dedicated to offering the highest quality and potency at the best price. We have thirteen years of experience importing Kava from the South Pacific and this is why now we bring you the absolute best organically grown Vanuatu Kava on the market.


We offer the Best Kava on the market at the best price. Our Kava is Organically grown and processed in our state of the art hygienically clean processing factory.

Who are we?


Our Kava is purchased only from select farmers who grow the best organic Kava cultivars proper for drinking.  From remote villages the Kava is transported to new, modern, food-grade facility. In fact it is the largest kava processing in the world.  In only hours rather than days the kava goes from earth to dry powder in vacuum sealed bags.  This preserves the freshness and potency of our Kava, giving it an excellent shelf-life.

How we can offer the best quality

Krakatoa LLC was established in La Vegas in 2013 to serve the Kava market with a better service, quality and price.

We have more than 20 years experience in Kava business. We were the first one to bring the Kava culture in USA in 2002 by opening the first Kava bar. We learnt what people are looking for. 

 Over the last 10 years we have implemented changes at the source to improve the quality of kava consumed by our customers.

Some of these new changes are the development of state of the art hygienically clean processing factory the first of its kind in Vanuatu. Kava is selected, cleaned, dried and pack in-house, with our special dehydrating chamber, vacuum sealing machine and high standard imported food grade vacuum seal pouches for the sole purpose of preserving the freshness of kava for up to 3 years.

This newly introduced packaging method has enthralled and captivated most of our local and overseas customers. The 1Kg (2.2lbs) pack is very convenient.


We are happy to announce that we have made some improvements and changes to our website and our products. We improved our product quality by processing and packing our Kava in a state-of-the-art GMP facility in Florida. We now have an in-house lab that is able to test all our Kava for chemo-type and Kavalactone contain. Please visit the link below for our new and improved website!

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