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Processing Kava



Selection Criteria


Before entering the processing facility tha Kava must be:



  • Vanuatu organically grown kava

  • If sun dried Kava is selected by hand pieces by pieces, for cleanness, mold and any excess external skin 

  • If green, Kava is check for freshness and unwanted dirt and foreign parts

  • Free of defect and show distinctive mark of a healthy plant.

  • The right maturity 5 year or older

  • The right variety, only noble kava


These standards are our priority. Kava that does not meet our requirements is simply rejected.



All purchased kava is delivered every morning and go through kava experts hand. Any part who doesn't meet our standard is rejected. The green Kava after selection go to cleaning.



Sun dried kava after selection go to our quick but truthful cleaning session to remove any superficial dirt and go directly to drying chamber.

Green Kava is clean with pressure cleaner set to remove only the external skin, but keep intact the inner skin where the kava lactone is, that's a process we developed and master. It is more effective and accurate than hand removal of the skin with a knife. Every clean piece of Kava go through a second check to be sure all the skin is removed and the part meet our requirement.


Green kava arrive in large root piece after cleaning and is cubed before a quick drying. Green Kava parts are kept in fresh water before and after cutting to minimized the oxidation.



 All purchased sun dried kava must be re-dried in our state of the art dehydration chamber to bring the moisture to 10% with low heat. kava is very sensible to moisture and heat. Our drying process bring quality and consistency throughout the year.


After drying, the Kava is reduce to powder, using cold milling. Powder give a good advantage for the consumer, more kavalactone and alkaloids can be extracted when mixing kava with water during making. It is more value for the money.


We pack in convenient to use 1Kg (2.2lbs) or 1lb high resistance bags food grade made for vacuum sealing to preserve quality and freshness for a longer shelf life.

That give us the possibility to ship large amount of kava by sea and reduce shipping cost.


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