ava root Cubes sold in bags of 3Kg (6.6lbs) Vacuum seal Bags, No minimum order.







-3Kg to 99Kg------------------$100/Bag, ($15.15/lb)


-102Kg and more-------------$90/Pack, ($13.64/lb)









*Contact us for shipping cost.

(Shipping cost is about $16 for 3Kg via USPS priority mail)










South Pacific Kava  introduce this select noble organically grown kava plants 5 to 7 years in age. The Kava is processed in the only food-grade kava processing facility in the world and vacuumed packed in convenient 1 pound, (453g) bags to give you the freshest kava taste.


Kava cubes are mosly Basal root to medium size lateral roots cut in cubes when green and than dry in dyhadrators.

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